It is 11:57 and I have just finished writing my 2,000 words for the day.

kjdfnbzfjkbgnkgn HUZZAH!


I really really didn’t think that I was going to make it and after being half a day behind yesterday I can’t imagine what it would be like to be an entire day behind and just not want to write anything (that was how I was feeling before I opened Word and forced the words to come to me). It would have ended badly and I would have gotten really off of track.

I don’t want to keep writing right now so I’m going to go take a break, and shower and things and before I settle in to write more later.

I’m going to not write any tonight and finally get around to watch Captain America.

4,000 words tomorrow I guess.

At 11:24 P.M. I reach 3,178 for the day and stop.

I made up for missing yesterday’s 2,000 but it’s also almost the time when I’m expected to write another 2,000, but I think I’ll wait a while to do that.

I am attempt to write 1,000 words in an hour when I’m not feeling particularly inspired or even in the mood to write.

After I attempt that I am going to attempt to write another 800 words in an hour.

I wish myself luck.




  • So I didn’t get to 2,000 word yesterday
  • Today I’m striving for 3,000 to make up for that.
  • So far I’ve written exactly 1,200
  • and hopefully I’ll be able to to the other 1,800 after my plans for today
  • I know I’m ahead of schedule
  • But I can’t help but feel bad for not making my goal yesterday
  • That was the first day that I didn’t.
  • Oh well

  • I am currently supposed to be asleep but I knew that my mind would not relax until I had at least written something
  • So I went to my favorite writing website that times me and counts the words I write
  • continuing to do so even after the time had run out.
  • I’m now tired but I have written half of my needed words for today and am ready to sleep, put off all thoughts of writing until the afternoon.
  • I really, really hope I will have the time and effort necessary to reach my goal today.
  • If not the 2,000 word goal than at least the necessary 1,667 goal
  • Also I think I’ve hit 10,000 words and this will please me enough that I can work on the AU Meme requests I have left.

  • So for the past two days my dad has been telling me that my daily goal was 2,500 words
  • Sunday’s is apparently 3,000
  • Today is the first say that I actually met that goal
  • I even went past that goal by a whopping 434 words
  • Meaning today’s word count is 2,934
  • Personal record!
  • If I were to write the 100 words that I would need to reach 3,000 I would be at a bad stopping point
  • So I’m going to stick with my almost 3,000 words and good stopping point for right now

It is November 4th and this a thank you.

I know that nothing has really happened in the way of plot development or even writing really. The only thing that I have done is complain, and I have complained a lot. (Or to me it feels like a lot.)

So this is me thanking the internet people that I’ve dragged into the mess that is my NaNovel. These people will undoubtedly make quite of few of my decisions for me, and will give me feedback and will flail/have flailed/keysmash as I use them as a sounding board for ideas that won’t come into play for quite sometime.

Katie is currently attempting to write a novel as well, and yet she still finds the time to talk to me about random things, that sometimes include NaNo. She is the first person and only person I told about my original idea, before becoming the first person I told my second (current and only) plot. She is the one whose opinion I most craved when I was unsure about Rose’s characterization and I’m so incredibly thankful that she liked and is liking what I’m writing because if is wasn’t for her than I wouldn’t be writing this at all.

Jenn is the other person that I would like to thank. She’s read (and complimented) what I’ve written as well. (It’s helps more than you would believe to know that people are enjoying what you’re writing.) She is my kindred spirit in wishing to procrastinate, her in making AU meme things and myself in writing. She recs me perfect fics and while it is distracting to have this perfect fic to read and not be able to read it, but it also helps because what is a better reward than reading (and fangirling over) a perfect fic. She helped decide that Martha’s favorite color is purple, and she will undoubtedly help more in the future.

This is where Pauleen's section would be but she's never on Skype any more.

I just want to let them know that no matter how irritated/irritating I might become I love them, and am incredibly grateful that they are there to help me through this.

I just realized there is a major plot hole in my fic and I don’t know how to fix this.

See I’m getting close to the part when Rose actually meets Rory and remembers him because she isn’t drinking this time. But I don’t know how to get their relationship from completely work-related to personal.

Why did I not think of how I was going to do this before? Why did I not plan anything out because this would have been dealt with had I been planning things out? I kind of feel like things are moving too fast but if I wait too much longer before introducing Rory and getting to know him then that part of the story is going to feel rushed.

I just thought of a way that I can change their relationship and get them to grow closer and things might turn around now, and sometimes why don’t I just sit and ramble and let out all the anger that I have at myself because while I don’t feel to much better personally I do feel like there is a way to fill in this gaping plot hole.

He who eats carrots boldly in the night

This is Abbie. This is my NaNoWriMo blog. I'm going to be writing about writing and other most likely incredibly boring things.

I don't know why you would want to be here's a link to the askbox if you'd like it.

That is all.

Word count: 20,048

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